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F-SP Stainless Steel Pumps (60 Hz)


F-SP Stainless Steel Pumps (60 Hz)

Ferat stainless steel pump series are designed by Ferat engineers using Computational Fluid Dynamics (HAD) methods. With its modern design, high efficiency and low energy consumption, as well as high quality materials, it ensures the pumps to have long life and high durability. In our company, within wide range of products;


* 4”,6’’,8’’ and 10” types,

* From 0 to 300 m³/h capacity range,

* At 50 Hz (2900 d/dk ) and 60 Hz (3450 d/dk) frequencies and speeds,

* The production of clean water pumps operating at a maximum head of 600 m is made.

All pumps before shipment; they were subjected to the necessary tests according to the definitions of the standards.

In the products; “Superior Technology and Low Energy Consumption” are given importance.

Diffusers made of stainless steel are the parts that allow the water coming from the impeller to pass to the upper impeller and that they are bearing to the impellers.
Stop Ring
It is a carbon alloy part that occurs during the first operation of the pump and prevents the upward movement from damaging the impeller group.
Bearings with Sand Channels
All bearings are water-lubricated and have a squared shape enabling sand particles, if any, to leave the pump together with the pumped liquid.
Suction Case
Suction chamber made of stainless steel as a single piece with precision casting method gives the pumps a more durable and more reliable structure with its superior design.
Valve Casing
The outlet chamber, which is manufactured in one piece by precision casting method of stainless steel, provides a secure and sturdy connection of the pump to the column group. There is also a non-return check valve inside the pump when it stops.
Coupling made of stainless steel is the coupling part which transfers the shaft power of the motor to the pump shaft. It is produced in accordance with NEMA standards.
Stainless steel strainer is a piece of suction equipment mounted on the suction chamber to prevent large parts from entering the pump.
Impellers made of stainless steel are the parts that convert the power received from the pump shaft into flow energy.


Part Name Material
1 Valve Casing AISI 304
2 Valve Spring AISI 302
3 Valve Cone AISI 304
4 Neck Ring RUBBER (NBR) + STEEL
5 Shaft AISI 420
6 Diffuser AISI 304
7 Diffuser Bearing with Sand Channels RUBBER (NBR) 
8 Nut for Stop Ring AISI 304
9 Split Cone AISI 304
10 Impeller AISI 304
11 Impeller Wear Ring AISI 304
12 Split Cone Locknut AISI 304
13 Suction Case AISI 304
14 Shaft Key AISI 304
15 Grub Screws AISI 304
16 Coupling AISI 420
17 Coupling Screw AISI 304
18 Cable Guard Screws AISI 304
19 Cable Guard Tie AISI 304
20 Strap AISI 304
21 Cable Guard AISI 304
22 Strap Stud AISI 304
23 Strap Nut AISI 304
24 Strainer AISI 304
25 Strainer Screws AISI 304
26 Stop Ring AISI 304
27 Valve Seat RUBBER (NBR) + STEEL
28 Klinger Gasket PAPER
29 Valve Ring AISI 304


6"     8"    1O"   
F6-SP10  F8-SP72  F10-SP110
F6-SP15  F8-SP96  F10-SP120
F6-SP30      F10-SP160
F6-SP42        F10-SP210
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