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FM Submersible Motors (50 Hz)



All of our motors have wet stator and rotor. It is designed to work in water. Lubrication and cooling of radial and axial bearings are provided by water.
In our company;

•    5”,6’’,7’’,8’’,9’’,10’’ and 12” types,
•    From 3 KW to 300 KW power,
•    At  2 poles 50 Hz (2900 rpm) and 2 poles 60 Hz (3450 rpm) frequencies and speeds,
•    3 phases 380 - 415 Volt (50Hz) with 3 phases 230 - 460 Volt (60 Hz) voltage range,
•    TS 11146, IEC EN 60034-1 and NEMA MG1 standard dimensions and tolerances,
•    Rewindable feature,
•    Submersible motors operating at a maximum water temperature of  30 °C are produced.

(Optional water temperature 70 °C). All our motors before shipment; they have been subjected to the required tests according to the definitions of the standards.
  In the products;   "Superior Technology and Low Energy Consumption" are given importance.

Thrust Bearing Kit "Mitchell Type"
Heavy duty bearings provide the option to rotate two - way, have the capacity to carry high thrust load.
Mechanical Seal
Prevents entry of sand and other particles into motor. Keeps high durability for bearings.
Membrane minimizes the expansion pressure that is caused by heating of cooling waters inside the motor.
Motor Adjustment Screw
Standard shaft height can be precisely adjusted by the adjustment screw on the thrust bearing base.


PT100 Overheating Protection
By connecting the PT100 thermal sensors to the slot that is standardly placed on upper bearing body, motor temperature values can be easily measured.
Slinger (Sand Guard)
Slinger helps to prevent the sand inside the water of the well entering in mechanical seal and through mechanical seal to inside of the motor.
Rotor Shaft Bushing
Chrome-plated and precisely machined bearing collets which are located in the radial bearings operating area, have great importance for bearingthe rotor.
Radial Carbon Bearing
Radial carbon bearings, which have channels in its structure that makes it possible to get lubricated by water easily, provides precise bearing of rotor shaft at upand down.
Check Valve
It rules the pressure changes in water excellently check valve balances inner pressure, by throwing out and gettin in after filtering the water, dependently to changing pressure. So it prevents the membrane from pressure explosion.
Bobin Teli
PE2+PA coil wire allows the engine to run at 70°C well temperature. Increases the life and durability of the submersible motor.
Counter-Thrust Sliding Block
Provides safe operation conditions for motor by absorbing Up-Thrust loads with it's machined surface and water channels on it.
Rotor Shaft
Rotor shaft, top side is made of AISI 304 material. Shaft end connection in NEMA Standards.


Part Name Material
1 Slinger (Sand Guard) RUBBER (EPDM)
2 Mechanical Seal Coverin lmbus Screw AISI 304
3 Mechanical Seal Cover AISI 420
4 Mechanical Seal SERAMIC - CARBON
5 Mechanical Seal Klinger Gasket PAPER
6 Motor-Pump Locking Nut AISI 304
7 Motor-Pump Locking Washer AISI 304
8 Motor-Pump Assembly Studs AISI 304
9 Upper Bearing Body Screw AISI 304
10 lmbus Screw  O-ring RUBBER (NBR)
11 lmbus Screw  Washer COPPER
12 Cable Cover AISI 304
13 Cable-Press Part THERMOPLASTIC
14 Cable-Press Washer AISI 304
15 Gland RUBBER (EPDM)
16 Plug O-ring  RUBBER (NBR)
17 Plug AISI 304
18 Upper Bearing Body CASTIRON (GG20)
19 Electric Cable  COPPER
20 Plastic Cable Holder (Glove Type)  RUBBER  (EPDM)
Part Name Material
21 Radial Carbon Bearing   CARBON
22 Klinger Gasket PAPER
23 Rotor Shaft Bushing  CHROME COATED ST 52
24 Rotor Balance Ring   ST 37
25 Short Circuit Ring     COPPER
28 Tie Rod  AISI 304
29 Sealing O-ring RUBBER (NBR90) + STEEL
30 Lower Cover Nut  AISI 304
31 Lower Bearing Body       CASTIRON (GG20)
32 Counter-thrust Sliding Block   RUBBER (EPDM)
33 Thrust Bearing Wedge AISI 304
34 Thrust Sliding AISI 420
Part Name Material
35 Thrust Disc CARBON
36 Seeger Ring ST 52
37 Mitchell Thrust Bearing 0-ring RUBBER (NBR)
38 Mitchell Thrust Bearing Sliding Blocks  AISI 420
39 Mitchell Thrust Bearing Balls AISI 304
40 Mitchell Thrust Bearing Ball Centering ST 37
41 Mitchell Thrust Bearing Pins AISI 304
42 Mitchell Thrust Bearing Body CASTIRON (GG20)
43 Motor Adjustment Screw AISI 420
44 Membrane Flange CASTIRON (GG20)
45 Membrane RUBBER (EPDM)
46 Lower Plug 0-ring RUBBER (NBR)
47 Lower Plug AISI 304
48 Membrane Body CASTIRON (GG20)