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About Us

Having started working in the sector of submersible pumps for the purpose of repair and sale under the name of FIRAT SUBMERSIBLE PUMP in 1990,our company has started the production of submersible pumps by the year 1994. By 2005,we have started serial production of submersible pumps and engines in our factory located on an area of 7500 m2 total of which 6000 m2 is indoor space.

Having reached its corporate identity with the name FERAT, our company has started the production of submersible engines varying from 5 inches to 10 inches besides stainles steel casting pumps with the capacity of 2 m3/h – 400 m3/h.
Our company,aiming continuous growth and customer satisfaction,keeps pace with the developing tecnology.Having upgraded the standardes of production,our company applies the use of modern machines in every phaase of production and is proud of serving its customers the best quality products.
Having proved its quality with national and internetional certificates,Ferat Submersible realizes its production of submersible pumps and engines with the participation of submersible pumps and engineers and our personnel.
FERAT Submersible aimed at leading the sector with the motto Everywhere there is life.Ferat Submersible continues its investments in order to prove its quality in domestic and foreign markets.