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Submersible Motors / features

Ferat Submersible Engines are designed with a wet stator, which is suitable for working in water.The lower axial bed carrying radial and axial loads are greased and cooled with water.These are electrial engines with three phases and squirrel case which are disgned for clean water pumps used in deep wells.


Thrust Bearing Support

Heavy duty bearings provides the option to revolve both sides, has the capacity to carry high thrust load.


Lower Limitation Bearing

Provides safe operation conditions for motor by absording Up-Thrust loads with it's machined surface and water channels on it.


Lower Adjustment Screw

Standart shaft height can be precisely adjusted by the adjustment screw on the thrust bearing base.


PT 100 Overheating Protection

By connecting PT100 therman sensors to the slot that is standardly placed on upper bearing body, motor temperature vaules can be easily measured.


Check Valve

Perfect changes in pressure in the engine checks. Throwing out of the water pressure increases, pressure falls into the hole by the water filter whether the internal pressure balances. The way the membrane prevents the pressure from the explosion.


Membrane Plastic

Membrane minimizes, the expansion pressure that is caused by heating of cooling waters inside the motor.


Mechanical Seal

Prevents entry of sand and other particles into motor. Keeps long life of bearings.


Rotor Spindle Bushing

Chrome-plated and precisely machined bearing collets which are located in the radial bearing operation area, have great importance for bearing the rotor


Radial Bearing

Radial carbon bearings, which have channels in it's structure that makes it possible to get lubricated by water easily, provides precise bearing of rotor shaft at up and down.


Slinger (sand guard)

Slinger helps to prevent the sand inside the water of the well entering in mechanical seal and through mechanical seal inside of the motor.

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